Rainbow Chakra Healing Affirmation Flags


Rainbow Blessings Flags.

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From our Prayer Flags Wholistic Gifts range: Large Chakra Healing Lotus Rainbow Affirmation flags in English, Unhemmed

These are lovely large (30cm x 22cm) colourful flags with wonderful positive affirmations written in English Language.  The mantras are:  1. I am safe; I trust more; I fear less.  I am centred and grounded.  2. I feel my emotions and my pain.  I reawaken my passion.  I surrender to this moment.  3. I am courageous.  I am whole.  I stand in my power.  4. I am loved, I let love in.  I am kind to myself.  I live in peace and gratitude.  5. I play in my imagination.  I create my reality.  I know and share my truth.  6. I honour my intuition.  I accept my path.  I am healing body, mind and spirit.  7. I connect with Spirit.  I invite sacred transformation.  I embrace the unity of all beings.

These flags are intentionally unhemmed and designed to fade and fray as traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags do – sending their positive affirmations out into the wind.  We do have other varieties available in store that are fully hemmed and hand-washable for a more permanent display.

Prayer Flags make wonderful House Warming gifts and are thoughtful gifts for special occasions, such as Weddings and Christenings.  These flags are wonderful for Reiki Healers and healing rooms and sacred spaces.  Lovely Feng Shui.


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