Tibetan Prayer Flags Five Mantras


Traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags for: “Peace”, “Success”, “Longevity”, “Prosperity” “Knowledge”

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From our Prayer Flags Wholistic Gifts Range:  New Large (20cm x 24cm) Handmade Tibetan Five Mantras: Peace, Success, Long Life, Prosperity and Knowledge, for Overall Wellbeing, Prayer Flag set – 10 on a Sturdy String.

These are beautiful traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags are hand printed in 5 colours (red, green, blue, yellow, white). Each Prayer Flag has a word printed in English: Peace”, “Success”, “Longevity”, “Prosperity” “Knowledge”, then the Tibetan Prayer supporting each intention of the flags .  A wonderful gift for special friends who wish to help spread good will throughout the world.

Please note: Traditional Tibetan Prayer flags are un-hemmed and are designed to fade and fray, sending their prayers out into the wind.  We do stock other more durable designs that are hemmed, please look through all of our varieties to make sure you are receiving the ones that you desire.  Many thanks and Blessings.

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