Tibetan Prayer Flags Goddess of the Earth Green Tara


Tibetan Goddess of the Earth Green Tara. Traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags.

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From our Prayer Flags Wholistic Gifts range: Large (20cm x 24cm) Traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags – Goddess of the Earth Green Tara.  10 per string, measuring approximately 2.3m. Unhemmed to send Prayers out into the wind.

“Goddess of the Earth” (Green Tara) Tibetan Prayer Flags for Protection and Compassion, Removal of Obstacles and Facilitating Well being for the World.    

These are beautiful Traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags made in Nepal.  The Goddess of the Earth (Green Tara) is said to have amazing powers that help overcome obstacles in life.  The mantra written in Tibetan Sanskrit on each flag is “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha”, is said to be one of the most widely used mantras in Tibetan Buddhism.  It is intended to liberate one from all fears, remove obstacles and to facilitate good intentions and well being for the world.

Please note: Traditional Tibetan Prayer flags are unhemmed and are designed to fade and fray, sending their prayers out into the wind.  We do stock other more durable designs that are hemmed, please look through all of our varieties to make sure you are receiving the ones that you desire.  Many thanks and Blessings.

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